Green Garlic- Bring On The Antioxidants…and The Flavor!

Regular garlic, elephant garlic, black garlic… now green garlic?

Well, not that it’s a ‘new’ thing, per se, but to many people’s palates and plates, it’s a novelty.

Green garlic is just young garlic which is harvested before the cloves have begun to mature.  It looks like a scallion and is more likely to be found at a farmer’s market versus a traditional grocery store.

The flavor  is still garlicky, but milder and tends to get sweeter when it cooks. 

Try in in place of wherever you’d normally use garlic, or when you’re preparing a meal for anyone who may not be a die-hard garlic lover.

Green garlic carries the same health benefits as ‘regular’ garlic- helping to fight cancer, heart disease, hypertension, infection and preventing cold and flu. 

Click here for my recipe for sauteed greens in green garlic.