Healthy Paleoista Holiday Tip of The Day: Choose Last Minute Gifts Wisely and Give Food!

It’s a scramble!  Christmas is a mere three days away and you’ve still got gifts to buy! Yikes! Don’t panic…there is still one very viable options that makes a great gift, that all of us can use:  food. Real, fresh food, of course. It’s incredibly easy to go online, point, click and voila! You’ve sent a box of chocolates to your Auntie or a basket of cookies and candied nuts to your cousins. Well, why not do something equally as easy but with a healthy twist? As in…fruit!  Better yet, veggies!   Or, equally as valuable: proteins!  What better time than the holidays that to surprise a loved one with a delivery of wild game that comes with recipes and preparation tips? There are several routes to take here. First, and certainly my favorite, is to contact your local CSA and find out what their offering might be in terms of a holiday gift delivery for friends, family and colleagues.    I found one near my parents home one year, for example, that was happy to offer a few month trail which they ended up extending after the gift period elapsed. Another option is to go online and find what nationwide options exist.   Large companies like Harry and David or Melissa’s both offer produce basket options which make outstanding gifts. Finally, if you’re veering toward the wild game option, have a look at which is a nationwide directory of humanely raised and wild meat, game and poultry vendors, many of which are worth looking into for the gift idea. Giving food is perhaps one of the most fundamental, and most highly appreciated things we can possibly do.