Paleo Macronutrient Ratio

"Nell, I'm a bit concerned about the amount of fat in The Paleo Diet.  I've always followed a low-fat diet, and for some reason, I cannot seem to lose weight.  Wouldn't eating more fat make me even heavier?"

A valid, and quite common concern.

The answer- NO.  

Fat, in and of itself does not make someone fat.  Calories in versus calories out is a simple equation which determines whether someone will lose weight, gain weight or maintain their weight.

The macronutrient ratio of The Paleo Diet is akin to what our ancestors ate: 19-35% PRO, 28 – 47% FAT, 22 – 40% CHO.  Eating this way, with FOOD (AKA nothing processed, just tons of veg, fruit, healthy fat and lean meats) promotes health.  Period.

The current USA Values are 15% PRO, 34% FAT, 49% CHO.   Eating this way (keeping in mind that most people's carb intake nowadays is coming from processed 'junk', including dairy, legumes, grains and sugar) promotes disease.  Period.

Give it a try.  If you follow The Paleo Diet properly, I'd be incredibly surprised if you didn't begin to lose the excess weight you're carrying!