Paleo Daube de Boeuf (Beef Stew)

The addition of some dried Porcini mushrooms, fresh Thyme, a Bay leaf or two and some red wine can impart depth and layers to the already delicious flavor template that exists from the beef itself!

Saute cubed, grass fed beef in olive oil (must say it again- in the words of Julia Child- make sure you don't crowd the beef; brown it in batches if need be!), evenly on all sides: 


Remove it from pan when it looks like this (roughly 8 – 10 minutes):


Set aside, add a splash more olive oil, and brown your sliced onions and carrots:


Once browned, add some red wine, some beef or chicken broth that you've made, fresh thyme, rehydrated Porcinis and the beef.  Let simmer, covered, over medium for a few hours.  Let cool, then refrigerate and serve the next day.

I always like soups and stews the next day, after the flavors REALLY have a chance to develop.  Serve with a lofty side of blanched asparagus and a mache and avocado salad for a lovely French themed meal.