Paleo and Weight Loss- Leave Obesity Behind!

With more than 60% of our population being classified as obese, the health of our nation as a whole is declining rapidly.

For many who’ve tried every single diet in the book, it won’t be news to read that unfortunately, most ‘diets’ don’t work.  Whether they’re too restrictive, too low in calories and fat, require the use of suspicious powders or pill, the bottom line is that the majority do not offer sustainable and healthy methods of finally, permanently losing weight.

Being as passionate about educating people as I am, I was excited to see an invitation to participate in a campaign called ‘Leave Obesity Behind’ which is a free virtual event called Leave Obesity Behind, Discover the Secrets to Eating Right into a Healthier and Sexier You!  Hosted and organized by Robyn Bennett who lost over 100 pounds herself, this tele summit is a collective of thirty health experts who are sharing their expertise in helping lose significant amounts of weight.

While this summit is not a Paleo summit, I felt it was important to participate in order to provide information to everyone, regardless of whether Paleo was something they were interested in previously.

For those of you who are regular blog readers, you likely already know the weight-loss benefits of Paleo, but for so many people who are still in the midst of their struggle with weight, it’s a great opportunity to glean some very valuable information about how Paleo can help.

My interview will air on Day 3 of the event, August 3rd.

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