Cheating and “Spiral Eating”

I’ve written about the cheating topic more regularly this week than ever,  and today’s post is going to focus on one of many reasons why one wouldn’t want to cheat.
For me, the idea of needing to cheat has been absent for years.  Simply, choosing foods that I know will make me feel great makes sense and eating anything that won’t, on purpose, doesn’t.  Period.
On the flip side, of course, there’s the valid argument that for some, gradually easing into completely being True Paleo is a step-by-step process and that is also a method that works; as long as one gets there, that’s the important thing.
But what about anyone with a food addition, or more specifically, a sugar addiction?
It comes up more often than not that clients report even a little bit of the white powder can be enough to send them into a binge, or, as one reader recently put it, a bout of ‘spiral eating’.
Following are just a few comments I’ve received on the subject:
  • “Hi Nell, My sleep deprivation with kids and ridiciously over-sugared Valentines day candy has gotten me so off track. It’s gross. I feel the heaviness in my legs. I was inspired by your guest spot on Dr. Oz. For me, cheat meals lead to spiral eating. So, any inspiration to get back on track? “
  •  “I do get somewhat frustrated with some of the bloggers that have that kind of “we are just regular folks”  talk where if you are going to “grandma’s house,” then of course, you will have some of the “chocolate extravagance” that has been in your family for at least 10 generations…ha!  But some of us, me for sure, can’t handle that one instance of “chocolate extravagance.”  It just opens the door for problems. ” 
  • “I recently read a book on food addiction and the authors said that it isn’t really the pleasure that prevents people from making a stand and stopping, but it is the withdrawal symptoms that prevent people from changing. I hadn’t thought about it that way before, but I struggle when I finally get off the stuff. I am irritable, feel down and also anxious, and I am just not right in my skin. So, it becomes easy to just continue screwing around.”
  • “I think the word has to get out that sugar addiction is not about a person’s character. And, eating “the treat you really want” isn’t going to help, but causes backsliding…”

These honest comments from people just like you illustrate exactly why getting to 100% True Paleo and sticking with it in any way that you can should be of utmost importance.

Sure, there are some who can really have just one cookie now and then and choose to gradually taper off on their path to Paleo.

But if you know yourself and how you react to foods, not just those obviously high in refined sugar, but even those with hidden culprits, I would encourage you to cut them out cold turkey.

Think of it this way: if someone is trying to break an illegal drug addiction, they’re not exactly encouraged to just have a little when they feel like a treat.

I’m not kidding, it is this serious and I feel it’s quite a shame that the mass message sent out from most ads, and the media is that everything in moderation is ok.

For many people, it’s not ok…it’s toxic and an absolute recipe for disaster.