Eat Your Oysters

I will admit that I was not initially that keen on eating an oyster.   No particular reason; I just thought they looked unappealing and seemed to be a vehicle for a plethora of toppings.

I was WRONG!

My reason for giving them another go, however, was not for any gastronomic reason.  Last year, after fighting a cold and scratchy throat for a week or so, I decided to search for even more than my normal MO for food-sources of Vitamin C, Zinc and anything else that would get right of that bug!   

I learned that oysters are one of the best sources of Zinc.  And, at only a mere 60 or so calories for a 6-oyster serving, they also happen to be a great choice as an appetizer the next time you're out at dinner.  Add some wasabi for some zing, or a squeeze of lemon for a bit of increased body- alkalinity…

Give them a try- and keep those cold-bugs away!