Technique- Roasting Garlic

If you're like me, you LOVE garlic!  Sometimes raw (perfect for helping fight off a cold) in my raw kale salad, sometimes crushed (ideal for making Paleo Pesto) or sometimes eating alone- if you're eating the Korean, Black variety (so delish!).

Roasting it is a method that one can utilize which is easy, and allows you to have plenty on hand to use however you like!

You can roast it whole, in the bulb and paper, or by separating out the cloves and preparing that way.

Heat your oven to 400F.  Remove the outer papery layer and cut off the very top.  Using roughly one tablespoon of oil per bulb of garlic, place the bulb on a piece of foil and drizzle the thoroughly with oil.  Fold up the top and roast for about 45', then switch the oven to  broil to finish it off with a little browning.

Alternatively, if you want to roast individual cloves, separate them from the bulb at the start of the recipe, then toss with oil and roast in a glass baking dish, covered with foil.   Cooking time will be shorter due to the smaller pieces compared with the intact bulb.

If you have a terra cotta garlic roaster, of course, you can use that as well; however, that tool is NOT a must- have.

Once cool enough to handle, you can press the garlic out from the paper skin and enjoy in a plethora of preparations!

Enjoy- knowing that not only is it delicious, it's SUCH a healthy thing to be eating!