Literally, A Skinny Wrap

A new concoction idea came to me yesterday after I was breaking down a free range hen I’d roasted vertically (which, by the way was ridiculously simple and delectable; click HERE for the recipe).

As I cut into the  plump, moist flesh which, honestly, didn’t even really require the use of my Santoku knife (I could’ve used a butter knife), a large piece of lovely, brown, crisp skin fell off.  

I served myself a wing and a a thigh, atop some wild mache, with avocado, blanched asparagus and blueberries and then… bling!

There was the a-ha moment.

Take skin, insert leaves, meat, avo and asparagus, roll up and eat.

Now there is a wrap that has Paleo written all over it.

Why would anyone want to spoil that meal with a big wad of gluten in the form of a pita, lavash or flour tortilla?  No thanks! I’ll take the skin.. and my stomach will thank me!