Coral Reefs, Acid & Bone

Coral Reefs, Acid & Bone

I heard yet another alarming story the other day on NPR, which focused on the trouble that coral reefs are in, partly due to the increasing acidity of the water.

What does Paleo living have to do with this?

Bear with me as I create the analogy.

“Coral reefs are in trouble worldwide, from a host of threats, including warming ocean temperatures, nutrient runoff and increasing ocean acidity. A noted climate scientist from California has been conducting an experiment on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to see whether antacid could boost coral growth”, was the opening line on the NPR site from the piece on the 18th.



Antacid (read: alkalizing agent) to the rescue.

Think of how succinctly that compares to Paleo living…or not.

Not Paleo = acidic pH of the body, with a subsequent breakdown of all systems of the body over a period of time, then a scramble to try and ‘repair’ when it may be almost too late.


Paleo = alkaline diet, alkaline body, healthy body, fit body, lean body, body that maintains its integrity and is therefore far less likely to become ill in the first place.

What is wrong with us as a society that we’ve allowed our Earth to get to the state it’s in with climates resulting in the most outrageous and sometimes deadly results?

This is not meant to turn into post about ‘the cause of global warming’; just merely making the comparison that for many of us, it’s all to easy to think short term only, taking the idea of ‘living in the moment’ far out of context and then landing in a place down the line, desperate to try and make things right.

Treat the Earth kindly; treat your body kindly, too. It’s all connected.

Why not make today the first day of a new beginning? Tomorrow is Earth Day, after all…

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