Wednesday the 21st

(Travel day-heading to see the family in San Fran for Thanksgiving…)

Breakfast at 7am:
Green powder, flax, lecithin w. vitamins; 4 hard boiled egg whites, olive oil, apple with raw almond butter, steamed kale and an americano about an hour later

10am flight- so PLENTY of water before and during; brought snacks to eat en route: sliced turkey, 1/2 oz raw nuts, grapefruit, an Orgainc Vegan Food bar and an apple

(again- keep in mind that this is 4 days out from a race so you’ll notice an increase in starch and dried-fruit- based sugars in small increments during the next few days- i.e.- today’s ‘Bar’)

later on in the day: a second apple, kombucha

dinner: organic green salad, grilled chicken & bell peppers, a small serving of rice (roughly 1/4 cup) and grapes (so good right now!)