Don’t Let The Weather Stop You

Have you found a mode of exercise that you love, but feel that you can’t enjoy it year round, perhaps due to shorter winter days, or cold temperatures?

Keep your love of your activity in mind and get creative!    
-If you’re into running but don’t want to run alone in the dark hours for safety, perhaps you might join a gym just for a few months in order to use the treadmill until it’s light out early again in the spring.
-Do you love skiing but can’t get out to the snow enough?   Throw in a few cross training sessions at the gym, even if you don’t favor the gym, and hop on the Nordic Track or have a personal trainer design a custom ski conditioning workout you can do so that when you do hit the slopes, you’re that much stronger.
-Perhaps you’re an open water swimmer but don’t fancy hopping into the sea during the colder months;   get into that pool and keep the image of getting into the ocean as soon as the weather breaks with you during each and every workout.
-Make sure you have the best gear.  There’s nothing worse than having the motivation to get up and out early for a workout and then calling it quits because your hands are turning blue from the cold.   Layering wicking fabric to allow you to sweat but not get wet and cold is key.
-Recover properly and hydrate. Just because it’s not a scorcher outside, doesn’t mean you don’t need to hydrate.  You’re still sweating and still using up valuable electrolytes.   Keep on top of that now just as much as if you were in a hot environment.
-Don’t forget that keeping on track with your exercise makes it that much easier to stay on track with your Paleo eating.  The positive momentum of one keeps feeding the other.  Keep moving, keep Paleo and see how much more quickly you are getting to your ideal, lean bodyweight.
-Remember that the hard part is actually getting out the door.  If you’re doing an activity you love, once you begin, the sheer joy of being engaged in it will prove to be its own reward.
Keep it interesting and balanced and you’ll be far less likely to give up your workout regime!