Not Enough Veg.? Keep Asking!

I had to laugh to myself.  Last week in Amsterdam at one of the most premium hotels, I ordered a large side of garlicky sautéed spinach with my breakfast of two runny eggs and salmon.

I told the server I liked a lot of veggies so please ask the chef to prepare a nice, hefty portion.

When the meal came, there were about three spinach leaves.

I asked for more, please, and the server came back with a larger plate which was far closer to what I’d had in mind, and the plate was served with an apology.

Apparently, my husband and I had eaten the hotel’s entire ration of spinach for the whole day.

Wow!  That was a new feat for me, but sadly, and more importantly, it says a lot about what people are asking for.

A quick peak at their breakfast buffer provided the same information; the trays of asparagus, fresh tomato, cucumber and avocado remained practically untouched (except by the two of us), while the baskets of breads, croissants and every gluten-rich baked good you could imagine needed to be restocked time and time again.

Change is needed, certainly, on a large scale.

What can we do?  Start with ourselves and our own family.  Don’t assume that you have to eat poor quality ‘food’ choices just because you’re traveling and/or dining out.

Ask, and nine and a half times out of ten, you’ll get what you’re after, at many different places all around the world. Sure, it may be difficult at times, and it’s clearly very easy to just eat what’s there, but at what cost?

Why choose something that’ll make you feel ill when being patient and creative will warrant the food you’ve become used to eating and keep you feeling healthy?

It’s not that hard, and it’s definitely worth asking for!