For The Love of Running

I’m going on a run today. Kind of a long one. And I’m doing it without having eaten cups of pasta last night for dinner, bagels and peanut butter for breakfast and you can bet I won’t be ‘recovering’ with chocolate milk when I’m done. By eating a real food diet (Paleo) and adapting my body to have a strong aerobic base while also becoming more efficient at using fat as a fuel, I’ve been able to to train and race successfully, recover and rest properly and enjoy the process all along. In Pocket Paleo Workout, I go into more detail about some of the myths about endurance training, but it’s pretty straightforward:  eat real food, train in an intelligent manner to balance improving without overdoing, rest, focus and be sure to take some down time to let the mind and body mellow out a little. This run is particularly fun as it’s the antithesis of how I approach a marathon or triathlon. Nothing’s at stake; I’m not trying to qualify for anything and I am simply grateful to spend the day doing something I love so much with someone I love so much (my ultra running husband)! See you at the finish!