The Best Training Partner

Good old Daisy.   Our Weimaraner had her 14th birthday back in June and now, after September has passed, my husband and I calculated she’s got to be about 100 in human years now, and she’s still going strong.

Sure, she’s got her tweaks and twinges; a little arthritis here, a little muscle stiffness there but she’s sharp as a tack and one of the best training partners I could ever have asked for. (The other being her brother, Graham, same age, whom we lost last February).

The other day while I was out for  run, I noticed several others out for their morning exercise with their canines.   Every run I do still feels a little empty without the two (Daisy’s workouts are now three 5 – 10 ‘ walks, whereas the two dogs used to run with us for hours in the trails), but seeing the others with their pets reminded me to remind you, my readers of how fantastic a training partner in the form of a dog can be.

Of course, if you’re not  a dog person, this post is null and void, but if you are, read on.

Choosing a dog that suits you and your home life (please don’t get a Weim if you’re in a small apartment and don’t like to run), and your family sets the stage for a lasting, daily reason to get  up and run.   The bond you and your dog develop, I think, grows even stronger through sport.

Don’t have room for a dog?  Volunteer at your local shelter to walk some of the beautiful animals in need.   Let their need to get out and walk and your need to move be suited in one small gesture.