Microwaveable Yams, Wrapped In Plastic

The other day, I stopped into a little market to pick up a few bits that I was short on for my the cooking I’d planned to do for myself and my husband this weekend.

Since we had two rather long days with big volume training in the queue for Saturday and Sunday, I planned on making our workout-preparation staple, baked yams.

Only the market didn’t have the usual organic yams.  They only had yams, wrapped in plastic, with a big, blazing announcement on the label stating that they were ready for the microwave.


So, to save time, I’m supposed to place what would otherwise be a great way to fuel my muscles for a big workout to come into a microwave, tightly wrapped in plastic so that when I eat it, I’ll get a nice dose of phytoestrogens and BPA with my starch?

No, thanks.

I’ll stick with baking them in water in a glass dish, or preparing my Paleoista Baked Yam Fries, neither of which call for plastic in the preparation!