(Paleo) Refrigerator Surprise

The origin for what I can 'Refrigerator Surprise' began when my husband and I were preparing to go out of town for a race.  I pride myself in being able to perfectly time and ration foods leading up to a trip so as to have just enough to last us til we leave, including food for the flight, and possibly a few bits to keep on hand in the fridge for our return.

However, there was one occasion when we needed to leave unexpectedly, and I had several heads of kale, chard and broccoli ( I don't love the way they freeze, and there were too many veggies even for ME to eat!: ), as well as 1/2 a batch of homemade broth, some garlic and two dinners worth of leftover turkey breast and grass fed bison.


Throw it all in the Le Crueset and make a surprisingly delicious concoction that you can enjoy some of right away, or freeze it all in small portions and enjoy later.

There's really never a reason to waste good food…and who knows?  You might create a soup or stew that ends up becoming a favourite!