The Secret to Homemade PALEO Sorbet

Getting tired of attempting to make Paleo sorbet and having it turn out like a frozen block of peach (or whatever summer fruit you're using) ice?

Have you thought of adding some healthy fat to it?

No, I'm not about to tell you to fold in the heavy cream; rather, think NUTS or even better- my favourite SEED – the coconut!


The role of nut fat replaces the role of milk fat in ice cream when making frozen desserts, especially, it turns out, pistachio nuts!

You still don't need to add sugar, mind you- stay Paleo and keep it to fruit and nuts. You don't even need an 'ice cream maker' (although they're quite handy); you can use the 'granita' method whereby you freeze the mixture and continually break it up with a fork every 30 minutes or so.

I invite you to send me your grandma's old fashioned recipe for homemade Vanilla Ice Cream or Uncle Tony's Cafe Gelato and we can Paleo-ize it… any takers?

*Do NOT fool yourself into thinking most of the commercially prepared coconut sorbets are Paleo.  Many contain that nasty additive, GUAR gum, which is derived from a bean, is therefore NOT paleo and is VERY high in saponins!