Paleo Poulet Fran̤ais Dans un Pot

For those of you who don't speak French (and that would be me!), this refers to an easy way to prep chicken in which a whole chicken is roasted in a dutch oven, with little more than a bit of oil (we're talking one tablespoon of olive oil!) at a low heat for a few hours.  

In my absolute favorite cooking magazine, Cook's Illustrated, there was a feature last month on this very cooking method.  In fact, the recipe was nearly already Paleo, with the exception of the added salt!

Brown the chicken in the olive oil, flip over, throw in some chopped onion, celery, garlic & rosemary…


Then cook, covered, at 250 for about 2 hrs… then remove from oven, tent and make sure the internal temp gets to 160F before serving.  I chose to quarter the chicken to make for easier serving at the table: