Monday the 20th…recovery, easy day

(Back to work)
5:30 am- green powder mixed w. water to swallow vitamins, shake: green tea/pumpkin/protein/raw almond butter/flax/lecithin
30 minutes- resistance training/CORE
9:00am- raw kale sprinkled w. cider vinegar, olive oil and GARLIC! :), sliced turkey and a pear
12:30 (pre-swim): organic plain goat’s milk yogurt, banana, 1/2 oz raw walnuts, 2 hard boiled egg whites
Swim- 1 hour, 1 Hammer gel during, piece of pineapple post
3pm-ish: kombuca, apple, .5 oz raw brazil nuts

6pm dinner: steamed broccoli, 3.5oz salmon sashimi, 1/4 avocado, beet, spaghetti squash, single glass of Cab

early to bed for another early start tomorrow