Time Saver- Grilling Veggies En Masse

OK, maybe not 'en masse', as you don't want to prepare SO much that you waste!

Having recently had a short lived heat wave here in LA, and busting out one or two last dinners on the grill prompted me to take advantage of building a proper fire and grilling up the veg!

When you've gone to the trouble of prepping the grill, maybe even adding some wood chips for that extra flavor, it seems almost a waste to cook only your homemade bison burgers or Italian Pollo al Mattone and call it a day!

This evening, in addition to the marinated, grass fed flank steak I cooked, I also grilled some beetroot, some leeks, some red onion and some squash.  

No need to eat it all tonight; they'll be great tomorrow atop a salad, pureed into a soup, or on their own as a snack!

All this prep and time to spare!