Too Late To Go Paleo?

Dear Nell,

I only just discovered your blog and website over the last couple of days.  I see that you're racing in Kona, and I am, too!  I've been toying with going Paleo but wasn't sure if I could do it and still race Ironman.  Now that I see your blog, I realize I can!  

To be honest, I'm really tired of the stuff I've been using to 'fuel' my races; the combination of bars, drinks and shot blocks that my coach recommends seems to work OK in training, but it seems like every time I race, I end up in the porta potty!  

I really don't want that to happen here; I'm thinking I am going to follow the nutritional plan you've blogged about during the race as well as the days leading up to it.

Any tips?

Thank you & good luck!


First of all, congratulations!  Maybe I'll see you out there!

OK- while I would love to see you go Paleo, I will tell you that I definitely am a fan of the 'nothing new before race day' phenomenon.

What you can do, however, is to streamline your nutritional plan using products you're already used to.

Instead of mixing all kinds of sugars from all different sources and leaving too much to chance, as in 'putting a little of everything in your T1 & T2 bags so you can 'choose', you can outline the your strategy so you know exactly what you're taking and when.

Then, beginning on Sunday, you can plan on all systems go for 100% Paleo!  You know where to go if you need help!

Have a great race!