A Paleo Summer Dessert That’s Simply Peachy

And it's made out of one, simple ingredient- a peach!

I served grilled peaches for dessert after my Paleo 4th of July BBQ, and they were a hit, hands down.

Before we put our ground beef burgers on the grill ( I ground equal parts grass fed chuck with grass fed short ribs- and that's all that was in the burgers), we (OK, it was my husband that was in charge of grilling on the 4th!  Why is it that men always like to be the grill master?  Another blog post, I suppose…) grilled peaches that I'd washed and cut in half, as well as some sliced, fresh pineapple.

Cooking the fruit pre-burgers & veg is done to prevent the fruit from tasting like, you guessed it, burgers and veg!

After they were cooked to perfection, we let them sit on a ceramic platter while we cooked, then ate the rest of our meal.  

By the time we were ready to finish off the meal with something sweet, the peaches had softened even more, and their natural juices had created a reduction, all on their own, just from having had a chance to rest.

To have added anything would've tainted the entire dish.   Unknown

Take advantage of this prime example of summer's lovely bounty…

Who ever said dessert had to equal non Paleo or loaded with synthetic fat or piled high with refined sugar? You can absolutely make 100% Paleo friendly dishes without the slightest sense of 'cheating' or eating pretend, non-food junk!