Accommodating Guests Who Are Not Paleo

Should you offer baguettes and brie or chips and dip for guests who are coming to dinner who are not Paleo?

I don’t think it’s necessary.

I don’t even think it’s rude.   You’re offering them a glimpse of how delicious Paleo can be without all their typical fillers, so you could actually view it as an opportunity for them to see for themselves what Paleo is all about, and that it is not just meat, meat and more meat.

It’s not as though you’re offering anything less healthy or palatable by not serving pasta, bread or rice.

But what if your guests are vegan?

No different.

I had this exact situation a few months ago. A business colleague of my husband, along with his wife, both who are strict vegans were invited to dinner.

I approached it with the mindset that we’d at least share the love of veggies, and plenty of them, so I made that the focus of the meal.  

In addition, I called the wife in advance and asked how she and her husband would feel if my husband and I ate wild salmon along with our meal.  (Incidentally, I opted for fish as it was the first ‘flesh’ I personally ate after two years of being vegan myself, so I thought perhaps it would be the least offensive to them.)

She confirmed my guess and we all enjoyed a lovely meal together.

While I do not make unsolicited commentary to anyone regarding their food choices when I’m out socially, when I’m in my own home entertaining guests, I have and will continue to do so under Paleo-friendly terms.

If anyone were ever to have had an issue with it, they’ve certainly never said so.  If they did, though, I suppose they could just have a helping of pasta or piece of bread when they get home!