Paleo Athletes- The Sooner You Start, The Better!

I just had to share (with permission of one of my readers from Athens, GA, who wrote me this email) about her teen aged son's success in swimming while, following The Paleo Diet:

Must tell you that our Andrew swam amazing this weekend…He dropped time, and qualified for finals.  Now, he qualified at #15 out of the top 16.  Went back on Saturday evening, and swam the 200 Breast again.  He dropped more time, and whipped two of his top rivals….another 16 year old from our team……and one the top swimmers in the state (15).  Then on Sunday morning, he swam 100 Breast….again whipping these same two rivals.  Qualified for finals again.  I was there last evening to see him swim the 100 Breast with power.  Once again, he left all the others in his heat behind him.  His victory was a shock to some.

So, here is the cool part of this story……Last evening, after Andrew's victory, another swim mom came over and sat down next to me.  Then she asked…"What have you been feeding Andrew?"   She wanted to know what he had eaten for lunch after both Saturday and yesterday's morning sessions.  I said that on Saturday, he had eaten a baked yam and Paleo-prepared fish.  And, that yesterday for lunch, he had had another baked yam and more Paleo-prepared fish.  And, of course, I began to tell her about our Paleo way of eating.  I also had both books with me.  And, I showed her both.  Gave her my card with the Paleo website on the back.  She said she was going to look it up.  Her son is a recent 15 year old.  He is a great (tall & lanky) swimmer.  But, he is a picky eater.  

What is amazing is that Andrew swam the mile yesterday morning also.  He came in just under 18 minutes.  Once again, he passed one of the best freestyle swimmers on our team.  Usually after the mile, these guys are wiped out.  It is not uncommon for them to return in the evening for finals and add time.  Others were amazed that Andrew continued to drop time as the day went on.  

So…THANK YOU….THANK YOU!!  After I read your blog article regarding your recent marathon, I was convinced about the yam and protein together. 

Also, I had read this in the Paleo for Athletes.   I was sharing his story with this other mom yesterday.  Also, told her about your marathon time.  She was impressed.  My husband was very impressed.

This afternoon, he grabbed 2 more yams to prepare for himself.   He said that the yams keep him full.  

How fantastic to see the amazing results and to know more and more people of all ages are implementing this way of eating!