Paleo Fueling For Every Day Workouts

I’ve written a lot about how I fuel for the long haul; ironman training and racing, as well marathoning and ultra running.

But what about if you don’t consider yourself an athlete?  Or you’re working out and keeping active a few days per week?  How can Paleo fit into the picture then?

Recently, I received the following inquiry:

I am not an athlete – I am 72 years old, I do cardio 2 miles @15 elevation @3.5-4 mph every day, I do weights 3 x a week, I do ballet and yoga. I have found over the past few years my muscle mass is declining. I used to exercise on an empty stomach but recently began drinking a protein shake before my weight lifting days. I usually eat a veg omelet afterwords with a little parmesan, and a combination pure cherry, pure cranberry and carrot juice.  What are the best food to eat before and after exercise? Should I be eating before the cardio as well?

I thought it was a great blog topic.

Here are the basics:

  • Incorporating some fasted training (not eating before a workout) can be indicated if the workout is a strength session or if it’s a cardio session in order to help the body become more efficient at using fat as a substrate.
  • For a strength session, having a small meal of just protein about thirty to forty-five minutes post workout helps the body release Hgh, which is essential in the recovery process.
  • For a cardio session, having a meal of a higher glycemic fruit, like a ripe banana, with an easily digestible protein, like a soft boiled egg, is a great way to recover.
  • In both cases, when your body tells you it’s time to eat, then the next meal should be back to the lovely Paleo balance of fresh veggies, with some protein and some fat.
  • Listening to your body’s cues is one of the most important ways to ensure success on the Paleo diet.  Eat regularly, in balance of the three macro nutrients and often throughout the day.    If you’re hungry, it’s time to eat!