Eating What’s Around You

Over the last week and a half in Hawaii, I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy a lovely array of beautiful, local fish; Snapper, Ahi, Ono and Opah just to name a few.

I could also have opted for Wild Alaskan King Salmon, but why?

Yes, I love salmon and it’s certainly available here, but it’s come from thousands of miles away and when there are so many other delicious fish to choose from here, it just makes no sense to me to go that route.

Same goes for the choices we’ve been making on our trip with produce.   Pineapples, dragon fruit, spinach, lettuces and papaya that were grown down the street are much more fresh than apples and broccoli that were flown in from the mainland.    

There’s no downside to staying local; the local farmers and fisherman are supported, your food is more fresh and you’re not helping make a huge carbon footprint via supporting the foods being flown in.

Plus, it’s not exactly difficult to stomach the idea of eating these lovely foods- it would be different if it were the case that there was nothing local available.

Just think about it next time you’re away from home and are just about to order something tried and true from the menu, like a chicken breast with asparagus.  Paleo?  Yes. Healthy? Absolutely.  Local & fresh?  The depends. Do a tiny bit of investigating and at least try the local alternatives.