Paleoista Holiday Tip # 9: Host Your Own (Paleo) Holiday Party

And, if need be, don’t even mention that it’s Paleo until after the fact.  

You can smile to yourself as you see your guests enjoying all the lovely food you’ve prepared, including those colleagues or friends who may have given you a hard time about ‘that crazy diet you were doing’.

Choose your holiday theme and get to work Paleoizing!  As always, focus on bountiful produce including multicolored veggies and fruits and lovely lean proteins, all prepared with your favorite traditional spices in order to stay true to this time of year.

Some of the many ideas for dishes you might want to serve include:

  • Uncured bacon wrapped around natural dates, roasted
  • Crudites with a variety of dips, such as paleo versions of hummus (sans garbanzos), muhamarra (skip the bread and vinegar) or guacamole
  • Free range thinly sliced turkey wrapped around sliced pear
  • Fresh fruit platter with raw walnuts
  • Bite-sized sashimi

As you can see, there’s no limit to the source inspiration when it comes to building your menu, whether it’s a multi-regional approach or keeping in tune with your paleo version of family classics.  

The key is to make sure it all looks lovely an tastes just as nice.

Add a menu for guests to take home for a nice little extra!

Who ever said Paleo wasn’t suitable for entertaining?