Sea Veg- Totally Paleo and Totally Delish!

What a fantastic accompaniment to sashimi, or soup, or stew!


You can pick up a packet of dried dulse at your local market- I find it at Whole Foods- and it's got nothing added- just the delicious sea veg itself! 

It's is a red seaweed that possesses a mildly spicy, salted flavor, and is traditionally found in a dehydrated form in health food stores or fish markets. It can be eaten in this form or soaked in water and added to soups and salads, stir-fires, and other dishes. When rehydrated, it is slightly chewy.

You can also grind it into a powder to be utilized as a garnish or mix into your favourite spice blend.

High in vitamins B6 and B12, as well as iron, potassium, fluoride, vitamins C, E, and A, magnesium, calcium, dietary fiber, iodine and protein and low in sodium, it's a great part of your Paleo eating plan.  It has next to no calories, so be sure to add enough other fuel sources to your meal!

The easiest prep method is to add hot water to a bowl and let it sit for a mere couple of minutes.  While being low in sodium, it's got just enough to be flavorful.  Today I made a lovely soup after a long bike ride in the pouring rain with some leftover lean pork, shredded, some leftover yam (to replenish my glycogen stores to prep for tomorrow's workouts), a dash of cayenne for some  heat, a twist of lime and some sliced avocado on top for a great source of healthy fat.

Minutes to prep and even less to eat, since hunger is the best sauce…

Give it a try!