A Cup of Dressing?

Have you ever noticed that when you order ‘dressing on the side’ at a restaurant, you’re often given about a cup full?  Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but it’s almost always far more than you’d ever use (I hope).

I don’t even like salad dressing most of the time, as I love the simple taste of wild arugula or mache or mixed greens with lemon and olive oil and whatever other veg, fruit or protein I may choose to throw in on any given day.

For some reason, though, it seems to be that the order is more commonly executed properly when I ask for dressing on the side, rather than on dressing.

At any rate, there is still way too much.  I did actually measure my ‘side’ of dressing recently, out of curiosity and there was half a cup.  For a small salad.

This is a sad reminder about how many people actually do not like the taste of their veggies, or at least think they won’t, thus the overwhelming demand to drown the leaves they’re about to force themselves to eat in random concoctions of ingredients that may or may not be Paleo suitable, and are more likely not.

Remember, vinegar is not Paleo so that in itself omits most commercially prepared dressings.

Other commonly used ingredients include canola, peanut or soybean oils, creams, cheeses, lots of sodium and even corn syrup.

If it looks think and goopy and doesn’t pour out when you turn it over, take that as a sign that it’s really not something you should be putting in your body.  Ask for olive oil and some lemon or lime, or, if you’re at home, make your own Paleo dressings.

Don’t be afraid to play around with sweet and savory and foods that you might not have thought of combining, like my raspberry dressing recipe!

Eat fresh, local veg and learn to experience how they really taste when they’re grown properly, at the appropriate time of year, and perhaps you’ll surprise yourself by finding yourself munching on raw cauliflower or delicate baby arugula with… nothing!