Did Cavemen Use Soap?

Hmmm.. probably not, but that doesn’t mean we should follow suit in this instance!

We think about Paleo eating and Paleo moving, but how many of us think about Paleo bathing?

In other words, are the products we use on our hair and bodies Paleo?   Given my penchant for a nice Decleor facial and lovely-scented Phyto hair care products, I’d have to admit that in this regard, some of my products of choice would not fit into a Paleo category, per se…and further, I’ll also admit that I’d never given any thought to a soap being classified as Paleo specific!

Recently, a company called Wash of the Day reached out and asked me to sample their soap.  

Creatively packaged- and you Cross Fitters out there will appreciate the acronym that founder Alicia Frye uses as her logo- ‘WOD’, with humorous quips on the box, like  “Wash of the Day paleo soap is handmade with pure, organic, sustainable products for the conscious who clean on a semi-regular basis (at the very least)” with subtle, fresh scents, the soap is definitely a wash worth trying!

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