Paleo Living Included in Beauty Regime


Friday’s Wall Street Journal featured an article on the “Texan Beauty Maven”, Sunday Riley, in which she lists her top beauty secrets.  

There, amongst the usual recommendations like using sunscreen, getting massage and exercising, was a mention of the Paleo diet being part of a beauty regime.

To some, that might sound vain, but I don’t feel that way.

My view is that this acknowledgement, that what we are putting in our bodies plays an integral role in how clear our skin is, how shiny our hair is, how strong our nails are and how our the whites of our eyes are actually white and clear, just to list a few of the outward signs of what is going on internally is instrumental in helping people bridge the disconnect between what goes in and what effects it has on the body.

I can’t even begin to count the number of people I’ve crossed paths with who’ve had countless prescriptions for acne, rosacea, eczema and all sorts of other skin conditions, some of which helped a little,  but not without serious side effects, yet barely any were asked by their doctors about what they were eating.

It is not normal to have acne, not for teens or people of any age.   It may appear that it is, because so many people have it, but that doesn’t mean it’s a healthy and mandatory part of puberty or pregnancy or stress, or any of the other periods in life where break outs seem more common.

It’s what we eat that creates the skin to erupt after skewing with our insulin levels, then causing a series of hormonal reactions, including an elevated level of male hormones which stimulate excess oil production.

From a beauty stand point, I enjoyed the entire article as I always find it fun to learn the latest make up techniques to make my eyes pop  greener or create the perfect smoky eye…but even if you’re someone who couldn’t care less about that component of a ‘beauty regime’ or has a more natural, sans-makeup approach, just letting it register that True Paleo living really does allow the body to become the picture of health is something we can all agree upon!