Paleo? Or Disordered Eating? Tune in Today to Learn More…

This is a topic I’ve written about before and it needs to be addressed much more often: when does the approach to what one eats cross the boundary from avoiding foods an individual determines makes them feel ill (for example, gluten) to a ultra-restrictive eating plan configured to lose weight, (and I’m not referring to someone trying to shed five pounds after having a baby)?

I’m writing about eating disorders.

I certainly won’t profess to have the training and expertise to write about this subject from a professional standpoint, but I can share that I’ve been close to this space before; with a few friends, relatives and clients.

A few months ago, when a friend and colleague chose to publicly speak out about her own issues with this illness, I found it to be incredibly courageous and I feel her talk today at Paleo Fx is something we all must watch.

Click here to watch the presentation given by Amy Kubal as she, in her words, “discusses the prevalence of eating disorders in the paleo world. I have a story to tell and feel that this topic needs attention. It’s out there and the victims are afraid to speak up.”