I've written about this topic before, but it's one worth revisiting from time to time.

How many times have you seen someone who has far more difficult odds to contend with that you have, and then decided to keep that person in mind, always, to keep you perspective on things when you let the little things spoil your day?

Perhaps it's one of the amazing challenged athletes racing ironman, or maybe the 'oldest' person in a race who finishes the marathon last, but does so with a huge smile on their face.

I see things like that and am reminded of how grateful and thankful I am to have my good health and the gift of being able to move my body and participate in sport.  I tell myself I'm not going to sweat the small things.

Inevitably, however, we get caught up with the trivialities of day-to-day 'stuff' and sometimes lose the perspective.

Current example:  as I mentioned, I had a less than ideal race last weekend and I chalked it up partly due to having had an annoying case of swimmer's ear, which led to taking a course of anti biotics, which definitely left me feeling a bit off.

So, poor me, boo hoo, all bummed out because of that, gets on the phone with my mom who happens to mention, without an ounce of complaint, that, during our conversation, she happens to be 'stuck'.  As in, she can't move her legs.  As in, the progressive MS she's steadfastly been battling over the last 19 years is causing her legs, as she says, to 'not do what she tells them to do'.  She needs someone to manually move her legs from the position she happened to be sitting in so that she can stand up.


And I was upset about an transient ear infection?

Hopefully this post has not been too much of a tangential one, but it's worth having a reminder now and then.

In a nut-shell:

Got a body?  Give thanks and then move it.  Enough said!