Running Together

After giving a lecture this morning to the LA Roadrunners who are getting ready for the LA Marathon in March, I felt inspired to write a bit about the importance of having a group to run with.

If you're already a seasoned runner with a specific training plan and/or a coach, or someone who prefers to run solo- fantastic!   Not trying to send a message that everyone HAS to run with others.  Incidentally, I rarely run with others myself, but anyway…

If you're new to running or  if you've found that, in the past, you've had a hard time sticking to a training plan you found in a running magazine or maybe you're  runner who is simply looking for a way to meet friends who share the passion, joining a running group is a GREAT idea.

It can be as simple as a group of  five moms in the neighborhood who alternate child-care; four moms run while the fifth one watches the little ones.  Cost effective, safe, and a great time to bond!   Alternatively, it can be a matter of joining a locally, or nationally recognized branch of an established group which helps runners of all levels get to their goal of doing their first race.

If you're remotely interested in getting into this oh-so-natural sport- I highly encourage you to look into it.  Sign up, register for a race, and see how much easier it is to stay fit and healthy through the holidays, get in your regular workouts, and start the new year one step ahead of the game!