What Am I Doing Wrong?

I lost 12 lbs right at the beginning of going Paleo and have been “stuck” there for 10+ months. I definitely feel better and have lost all my puffiness and stomach aches so I am happy about that, but still have more weight to lose which is just not coming off.  What am I doing wrong?” inquired a reader recently.

Without knowing what she was eating and how much and when, it’s hard to say.   However, it’s something I observe quite a bit from clients who reach out for weight loss help.   Cutting out dairy, gluten, legumes and sugar is the obvious first step and depending on the amount of weight one has to lose, it can come off initially quite quickly just by not eating the fried food, or candy or sweets that perhaps used to be part of one’s daily regime.

Then, however, we also need to look deeper into other factors, and commonly made mistakes.

  • How often are you eating?
  • Are your meals balanced according to the Paleo macronutrient ratio of roughly 40/30/30 in favor of complex carbohydrate coming predominantly from vegetables?
  • Are you eating the proper portion sizes?
  • What does your sleep look like?
  • How much water are you drinking?
  • What is your exercise regime?
  • Are you taking any medications that could cause weight gain?
  • Have you checked all supplements and supplements for hidden non-Paleo ingredients?
  • Are you fooling yourself into thinking that desserts or treats you’re making out of foods that may have once been healthy, Paleo options are a good thing to eat every day?

When Paleo is followed properly, it’s really difficult to not reach one’s ideal lean weight when all is in order.   If you can truly say you are implementing it properly but are not seeing weight loss, it wouldn’t hurt to visit your doc and have some lab work done.   They may want to test your thyroid function, vitamin D levels and overall hormonal profile, all of which can significantly impact one’s ability to lose weight.

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