The Importance of Presentation…For Guests or Dining Solo!

Of course, it's a given that when we're hosting a dinner party, we make special arrangements to ensure that we've put our best foot forward. We've set the table beautifully, the kitchen or living area has been accented with tea lights and flowers and our menu reflects a well thought out series of inviting delectables that will leave our guests begging for more (and not the least bit concerned with the fact that they haven't had bread rolls or a cheese platter!)

As eating is not just about 'fueling up', it's important to target all five of our senses, including sight, which is why presentation is of utmost importance.

So- here's the question- do you take the same care when it's just the family?  Or, an even better question- what if it's just you?

Many clients report being so busy that they 'don't remember what they ate (or sometimes IF they ate)'. or that their kids took up all their time so they didn't have a chance to sit down for  a second!

It's one thing to eat on the go once in a while, but if you're constantly doing this, chances are, it might not even be registering that you're eating, and this, in turn could sabotage your attempts to get healthier by eating well.

Take me as an example.  Granted, if my husband's out for a business dinner and I'm eating solo, I'll still set the table (for one), prepare a meal that will not only taste, but LOOK great, and sit down and enjoy it while I… do NOTHING at the same time.  NOT watching TV, NOT responding to emails…just enjoying my meal.  Period.


Try it; take the time to cook for yourself with as much love and effort as you would put forth for friends or family as guests and see how much more fulfilling and satisfying the meal is compared to cramming bits of your kid's leftovers into your mouth while you're doing ten other things simultaneously.  Makes a BIG difference!