Supplementing…with Vegetables!

I must thank one of my clients for giving me this topic!  She mentioned that, in a pinch, she & her husband will stop off at a local teriyaki joint, pick up some chicken skewers to go, and then supplement them at home with a bowl of steamed veggies!  How perfect is that?

Granted, not all teriyaki shops are sure to provide healthy versions of teriyaki, but you get the idea.  What a great way to turn a situation that could've been a nutritional disaster (i.e. going home, starving, to a cupboard full of processed foodstuffs and filling up on crackers!) into a healthy, balanced meal, without having to do ALL of the work!

Here are some similar suggestions that you might want to incorporate, in order to save time on that odd day that you've not prepared a totally balanced dinner:

-Do you pass by a Rotisserie Shop on the way home?  Order a whole chicken to go, and, once home, serve it with a fresh green salad and a generous helping of steamed broccoli, providing a balanced meal for the whole family.
-Perhaps your PM drive takes you past a sushi joint… grab an order of sashimi (I LOVE salmon, tuna & toro, personally), an order of seaweed salad, and serve it at home along side of a dish of freshly julienned, steamed zucchini and carrots.
-Heading past a Mexican place?  Order some chicken fajitas and present them to your family atop a bed of kale & spinach, garnished with some freshly sliced avocado and a squeeze of lime.

Be creative.   The idea is to keep your choices healthy and, by adding your own veggies to what would've been a plain, fast food-ish meal, you'll create the perfect balance!