Your Dog is On Prozac?

I love dogs.  

In particular, having just lost our 15 y/o Weim, Daisy, barely a year after her brother passed away (both shown above, 2009), I feel inclined to approach any Weimaraner I see to say hello.

Just the other day, I saw a seemingly older Weim being walked by her mom on the street, not too far from our pied-à-terre in New York.

Upon having a brief chat with her human, I learned that she was deaf.  Then, the woman shared that she’d recently gone through a divorce and so her Gretel was no longer being taken out on her daily runs, as that was her ex’s job.  As a result Gretel started to become rather anxious and hyper, so her mom took her to the vet and got a prescription for Prozac.

Just at that moment, Gretel needed to answer nature’s call and judging by her effort to go to the bathroom and poor stool quality, it was very apparent that she’s not eating properly.

So there you have a beautiful dog being fed horrible ‘faux food’, not  being exercised and being medicated with prozac.

You know the saying, some people shouldn’t have kids?  Well…

It’s not that hard.  Our Graham and Daisy were not remotely hyper.  They ate real food and ran every day.  


Same goes for dogs as humans; just eat food and move.