A Delicacy- Even in Paleo Times: ESCARGOT

Coincidentally in keeping with my recent trend of posting regional meal ideas in form true to Paleo, I just today exchanged emails with Dr. Cordain, who had just addressed a reader's question as to whether paleolithic man ate snails.   He replied, and I quote, "Because all hominins were omnivorous opportunists, land snails were almost certainly consumed on an occasional basis throughout hominin evolutionary history.  However, having said this, the first direct evidence for land snail consumption does not appear in the fossil record until 31,000 years ago…the hominin that would have eaten these snails was our own species, Homo sapiens.'

He later goes on to point out, "Snail meat, like fish, is high in protein and low in fat and contains significant amounts of iron ."

Traditionally, as with many French recipes, Escargot would be prepared with butter.  It's an easy fix to swap that out for  oil!  The flavor will be a touch different, but experiment with different combinations of oils, not just for taste, but to balance out the Omega3:6 ratio.  

Try olive oil combined with walnut oil, or flax and canola.    

1 can of Burgundy Snails (try ordering online if you're not near a French Specialty Shoppe)

1/4 c. red wine (when used in cooking, the alcohol will burn off, leaving a decadent, concentrated flavor, all in keeping with Paleo!  You can also use cognac or branch).

Garlic (I never like to "limit' how much of this wonderful food to use; in my opinion, the more, the better!)

Fresh black pepper

1/2 c.  oil

Fresh chives, parsley & tarragon

Marinate escargot in wine and seasonings for a few hours in the fridge.

Place into shells and pour the marinade on top, then bake in 425 degree oven til bubbling.

Serve warm and enjoy (you won't even miss that baguette!)