Have You Removed ALL Of The Culprits?

So you're following The Paleo Diet, you've stopped eating oatmeal for breakfast, skipping the whole wheat bread sandwiches and nixing the pasta in favor of a huge serving of sauteed spinach!  

Nicely done!

Here's the question- are you really Paleo, then?

You may be surprised to find that you are accidentally still consuming hidden sources of grains, legumes, dairy!

-Check your vitamins, if you take them and make sure the label clearly states that there is NO dairy, soy, gluten.

-If you snack on nuts, other than raw, check to see that the oil is NOT peanut or soybean.  Often, a nut mix will not contain peanuts, but will be coated in peanut oil.

-If you eat sashimi- skip the soy sauce and the miso that may come with your meal.  Also watch out for dressings and sauces in restaurants where you're likely to come across soy as a common ingredient.

-When ordering or buying soup- check to see that it does not contain flour, or other starches as thickeners.

-I hope no one is out there eating candy, but even that contains hidden sources of gluten, as do some wines, if you have a glass of red on occasion.

Be savvy, and,  unless you cooked or prepared something yourself, never assume something is a healthy, Paleo choice!