A Little Olive Oil, Literally: Paleo Friendly Flight Food!

Finding a piece of fresh fruit at the airport (or anything fresh, for that matter) is hard enough…let alone trying to find some fresh greens in order to provide for a balanced, in flight Paleo meal. Preparing veggies and protein  ahead of time at home and bringing them along with you on the plane works perfectly when you’re going to your destination, but what about coming back home? If you can find the time to make it a point to stop at even the most mundane of grocery stores, you should be able to find some greens, such as a bag of pre washed spinach and perhaps a source of protein, even some salt-free, natural deli turkey for this in-a-pinch scenario. But what about the fat? Enter olive oil. But how to go about not ending up with a soggy mess? Get yourself some teeny tiny little bottles of olive oil (click here for an example of a set, on amazon) or be super creative and use a tiny cosmetic bottle, small enough to pass through TSA and ample enough to allow you the proper portion of fat for your balanced meal. No need to feel the need to resort to hydrogenated pretzels when you can eat fresh!