A ‘Topping’ I Just Didn’t Want

I ordered my fave to-go salad yesterday from a casual little cafe around the corner from home.  

I get the same thing every time; an organic, leafy green salad with avocado (no croutons, no dressing, no cheese) and either the free-range chicken breast or gluten-free, free range turkey burger.

Today, however, I found an unpleasant surprise.

I got home from Masters Swimming, hungry and very ready for a meal, and found… CORN sprinkled on top!

What the?

I called in a had a quick chat with the hostess, with whom I’ve become quite friendly.  She informed me that there had been some changes on the menu, one of which was to add corn to the organic, leafy green salad.


So, yes, I did manually pick out every last kernel of that little grain and yes, it is that important to me to avoid every and any speck of a grain, legume or dairy.

Even a little bit of something toxic is still toxic, thank you.

And, once past my little temper tantrum (actually, it wasn’t really a tantrum, it was more of a brief “Oh, man!”), I drizzled on some EVOO and had quite a lovely lunch, indeed.

Take home message- even if you get something that is not exactly what you ordered, you can still either fix it yourself, as I did, or, if it’s not repairable, send it back!  Please don’t eat something you don’t want and don’t need for fear of offending the server or chef; it’s not what you asked for anyway!