A Typical Training Day of Nell’s Paleo Meals

Dear Nell,

What does a typical day of eating #The Paleo DIet look like for you, both for a day when you are training, as well as when you have an off-day?

Following is  a sample of what I might have during any given weekday with two workouts; I'll post an off-day sample on tomorrow's blog:


Pre workout Breakfast Smoothie- 8oz brewed, chilled, natural decaf green tea with a banana, egg white protein powder, almond butter whizzed in the blender with some baked yam on the side.

6:30 AM 3 hr bike ride on the trainer- carbohydrate gel taken every 25’

9:30 AM 

Immediate Post workout recovery drink- HOMEBREW (recipe in The Paleo Diet for Athletes) – cantaloupe, egg white protein powder and glucose 

(Plenty of water- keep hydrating) 

10:00 AM 

Raisins (to restore body alkalinity, continue to help the body recover post workout, and prepare for the session later in the day.)

11:30 or 12:00 PM 

Grilled Chicken breast, Flash sautéed asparagus with drizzled with flax seed oil and an apple on the side

3:00 PM 

Natural unsweetened applesauce with chopped egg whites (to prepare for 2nd workout of the day- shift from the usual Paleolithic macronutrient ratio to the pre=workout focus on carbohydrate)

4:30PM 60’track workout- hard, fast intervals; gel taken immediately post as recovery


Banana (high glycemic fruit choice to, again, aid in recovery)


Poached wild salmon on a bed of steamed kale, mixed green salad, avocado & sliced strawberries, a squeeze of fresh lime juice and a splash of cold-pressed extra virgin oil; sliced oranges on top.