After the Trip…

I’ve written several posts about how to prep and bring your Paleo inspired foods along with you for a trip, whether it’s a flight or a road journey.   

But it can’t stop there.

What happens when you get back home after a long day at midnight and head straight to bed, tired as a dog, then wake up in the morning to find nothing to eat?

Why risk the temptation of the ease of popping into the French corner bakery you used to frequent to grab a croissant and cafe au lait ‘just to tide you over until you go grocery shopping’ when you can easily plan in advance to avoid this first step down the path to road to eating the very same foods you purposely stopped eating?  

It might seem impossible to plan in advance when you’re going to be gone for a week, or a month, but it’s not.  

Making the effort to prepare as little as one meal, then freezing it, in order to have something waiting for you when you get back from your journey can make all the difference from letting that dangerous ‘one bite’ of a sugar-laden, uber-proceesed ‘food item’ from passing your mouth and starting that process of having to detox all over again.

For example, bake, cool and freeze a piece of wild salmon or free range chicken and chop, steam, then cool and freeze some broccoli florets.  Your olive oil in the cabinet will keep and all you’ll need to do when you get home late at night is take the portioned out proteins and veg out of the freezer and place  them in the fridge to defrost.  

You can go to sleep knowing that in the morning you’ll have a Paleo ready meal for you waiting to go that will need nothing more that a few minutes in the oven to reheat and you won’t break your Paleo-mentum between waking and heading to the grocery store to get back into your normal routine.