All About Basil…

It's not just something that tastes good on tomatoes!  Did you know:

-Basil is related to peppermint! 

-It possesses anti-bacterial properties.

-Basil has anti-inflammatory effects!

-HIgh in Vitamin A, and  magnesium, which promotes cardiovascular health

-It's also a very good source of iron, and calcium, and a good source of potassium and vitamin C.

Try the following ideas to include basil into your diet:

Combine fresh chopped basil with garlic, lemon, pine nuts and olive oil for a Paleo Pesto!

Take a virtual trip to Italy: make a Paleo Caprese Salad with basil leaves & fresh tomato slices.

Chop it up and scatter on top of your soups & sauces.

Try some basil & ginger tea by adding some of each to a cup of hot water.

Tie with a few of your other favorite herbs to create a bouquet garnis for stew,