All This Talk About Eggs…

Had me thinking a lot!
I use eggs regularly in my own diet, as well as in clients' diets.

After a few recent posts discussing whether one should eat whole eggs vs whites, powdered vs fresh and keep the yolks intact or scrambled, I came up with an idea.  I'm sure its not something others haven't thought of before, but it's quite simple:

Obviously, eating a powdered egg product is indeed eating something processed, which makes it a step away from completely Paleo since cavemen would've eaten real, raw eggs.  BUT, while there are many people who safely and without concern eat raw eggs, hopefully after researching their source, there are many others who, understandably, are not keen about the increased risk of Salmonella.

Solution- why not soft boil your eggs to make a happy medium?   DownloadedFile-1

In particular, if you use egg powder for pre or post workout smoothies as I do, you can simply soft boil an egg for 6', long enough to rid the egg of much of the potential bacteria, but not too long to render it too hard to throw into a smoothie.  Yes, the texture may be a little different but I personally love that quality in any given food.

So, tomorrow morning, before your run, or on the weekend before your long ride, throw THAT into your brewed, chilled green tea, banana, almond butter and ice smoothie (*check out my cookbook for more smoothie ideas!) and whip it up in the blender.

I find it devine!   DownloadedFile-2