Racing 2008!

Now that the 2008 season has gotten off to a great start (I'm happy to say that I had my 1st Age Group win at Florida 70.3 a few weeks back!), I thought I might write a short peice about racing!

I started participating in triathlon ten years ago; my very first event was a sprint distance on Catalina Island, off the coast of LA.  I'd heard about the sport and since I loved swimming & running, I thought I'd give it a try.  A friend asked me at the time if I thought I'd like to do an Ironman Distance Race.  "No!", I replied, "I could never do that!"   (Little did I know… 🙂

About a year later, after having done a few more short course races, I went to watch a friend race at Ironman California (it was a full IM course for the first two years).  That's when it happend.  I was hooked.  I saw her finish, which was totally amazing, but I also saw people finish who were physically challenged or fighting horrible illnesses or racing for a cause and it dawned on me that the ONLY reason I wasn't racing was because I didn't think I could!  I signed up the next day for the race the following year and the rest is history!

Long story short- and you've heard it before- don't let the idea that  you can't do something be the reason not to try it.  Our bodies were made to move; we are animals and we're SUPPOSED to be in motion!  I'm not saying that EVERYONE has to race Ironman, but find what you love and DO IT!

If you'd like to virtually cheer me on for the next couple of races this season:

Sunday, 22 June, New Balance 1/2 in Victoria BC

Sunday, 20 July, Ironman Lake Placid in Lake Placid NY

All the good energy on IM would be most appreciated as I go for Kona #3!

Happy Training!