Julienne Your Veg

For a visually-pleasing (not to mention gastronomically) way to serve your veg, try the julienne slice! 

If you have a mandolin, it makes it easier, but if you don't you can still cut your veg into matchsticks with a good kitchen knife.

I like using this cut for carrots & zucchini in particular.  Once they're cut, they're so thin that the cook really quickly.  I use the same principles in this prep as when I'm doing sauted kale or chard:

Saute your oil, garlic, shallots, mushrooms… whatever you're using that particular day… ahead of time.  Literally about five minutes before your protein is done cooking, throw the sliced veg in on top of the sauteed oil & garlic mixture.  They'll cook rapidly from the steam and you'll be ready to serve a lovely, multi-colored veg dish!