And Onto the Bandwagon Jumps Robeks

Robeks is now offering three smoothies that one might misconstrue as being a great Paleo option.    

To clarify, it is not Robeks that is calling their newest concoctions Paleo but the idea that we can pop into one of these popular juice franchises and have a smoothie in lieu of a meal made of arugula, wild salmon and avocado, as though the two were interchangeable, is missing the point.

Their almond milk and date smoothies, “all of which can be made dairy-free for 50¢” include, according to their site:

  • Strawberry Splendor, which features tender strawberries, nutty almond milk, non-fat frozen yogurt, and chewy dates
  • Bountiful Berry, with ripe blueberries
  • Pleasant Peach, with ripe peaches

Let’s break it down.

  1. First of all, while this may be a step up from a milkshake (maybe), it’s still going to pack a whollop of a blood sugar spike and subsequent crash.  Dates and all dried fruit are extremely high in sugar and are to be eaten only in extreme moderation, if at all.
  2. Next, almond milk, unless it is made in house of just almonds, is highly unlikely to be Paleo. Most commercially available brands have stabilizers added (guar gum, xanthan gum or carageenan gum- derived from beans, corn and seaweed, respectively, all very highly processed, full of anti nutrients and linked to causing bloating, gas, constipation and/or diarrhea), as well as added sugars and even other non Paleo ‘milks’ made from rice or soy.   Beyond that, all nuts are only meant to be eaten in moderation, as a garnish, due to their high Omega 6 content and low to null Omega 3 content.
  3. Non fat frozen yogurt?   Not much to be said here, other than the glaringly obvious – dairy is not paleo.

On the flip side, Robeks does offer vegetable juices, which, if made from all veggies and consumed with some wild protein and natural fat, could potentially work as a Paleo meal,  but don’t make a habit out of it as juicing removes all the vital fiber we need from our veggies.

Final verdict?  Pass.  Play it safe and make your smoothies at home with your blender (even if you don’t have a Vitamix) by using the whole veggie(s) blended in with water or chilled herbal tea and either some avocado or coconut oil along with some protein- like an egg blended in, or some leftover sliced turkey on the side- and make your own, Truly Paleo smoothie.

You’ll know exactly what you’re getting, you’ll be able to create the proper macronutrient ratio to avoid an unhealthy blood sugar surge and you’ll save on cost!